Trouble Off The Tee

Hosted ByScott Sanders

Featuring all things on the PGA Tour, recapping the latest tournament action and previewing the coming week. Tiger, Phil, Rory, Jordan, Rickey, DJ, and all the golfers you know and follow.

PSN’s golf show covers all things PGA, recapping the most recent tournament and helping get you ready for this week’s PGA action. Each week we preview the upcoming course, providing a “viewer’s guide” for a more enjoyable viewing experience. This isn’t an improve-your-game type of golf show. Rather, it’s for the fans, by the fans. Host Scott Sanders predicts who will succeed this week, who to watch, and even who are the value DFS picks, if you’re in to that sort of thing. Scott’s not as funny as Twitter’s @GCTigerTracker but he does his best! Whether you’re favorite golfer is Tiger, Rory, Phil, DJ, Jordan, Brooks, or someone else, TOTT has you covered!

Listen to PSN’s Trouble Off the Tee to get ready for this week’s PGA action!

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